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Our Services

My formula for success? Rise early, work late, strike oil.
- Jean Paul Getty, Oil Magnate

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Connexus operates in two main areas, as an Oilfield Services Company and an Infrastructure Development company in the energy sector.

Connexus Oilfield Services

Our services cover the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors and cut across the life of the project, pre and post well activities. We support our clients' operations by assisting with the below services.

  • Drilling/production Services and Chemicals Supply
  • Waste Management and Tank Cleaning Services
  • Engineering Contractor Services and Offshore Operations supervision
  • Local Content Strategy Development and Execution
  • Human Resource & Procurement Support

Connexus Infrastructure

Tapping into our experience and network with both international and local companies developing projects in difficult locations with a myriad of policies and regulations, Connexus Energy is able to support and undertake the development of complex infrastructure projects. Our services in this regard include the below.

  • Assisting with market entry strategies, including licensing and local permit acquisition, partnership and joint ventures Management
  • Advising developers on greenfield projects, especially thermal and solar infrastructure
  • General Consultancy

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